UPDATE: Our tap room is currently open at 50% capacity in accordance with state law- we are not requiring (or taking) reservations for tables. 
  • No bar service
  • Limited number of patrons/number of people in a party.  We only have a few tables, so we can handle 2 parties of up to six, and the rest can be no larger than 3 or 4 at a high top. 
  • Patrons MUST wear mask except while seated at a table.
  • Patrons can drink with their own party only, please don't socialize with other tables, we're trying to stop the spread of a deadly virus.  Your beliefs or political leanings notwithstanding, we will shut our tap room down if our patrons don't follow the rules we put in place for everyone's safety.
  • We are opening at some risk to ourselves, please don't make us regret it.
  • Growler fills will be done sparingly, they are very time consuming to fill and we will be running around serving all of the tables and busing/cleaning the tables, chairs and all doors and the ipad in between each use.

We look forward to seeing you again!!!